Lawyers Group Demand Anies To Make A Public Apology For Making A False Campaign Promise

A lawyers’ group has demanded a publicly apologize from  gubernatorial candidate pair Anies Baswedan and Sandiaga Uno for making a false promise during their campaign.

During the third debated, they are promised that if elected, they would implement a home-ownership program that would allow Jakarta residents to purchase houses without down payments.

But in reality, that program cannot be fulfill by them because it would transgress central bank regulations. Because of that, the lawyers’ group think that the pair are intentionally lying to boost their electorial vote.

“The program does not only contain lies, but the content is clearly against Bank Indonesia’s regulations. It is a clear disappointment to the public, especially Jakarta residents, who have been promised a zero-down-payment [scheme],” Petrus Selestinus, coordinator of the Team of Defenders of the Indonesian Democracy (TPDI), said in Jakarta on Saturday (18/02).

Because of that, he demanded that the campaign team and its supporting political parties, the Great Indonesia Movement Party (Gerindra) and the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), issue a public apology.

The existing regulations said that only the central bank governor has the authority to determine down-payment amounts for home ownership credit, or KPR.

“So, whether the KPR has no down payment or has a certain down-payment amount; it is the authority of the BI governor, not the Jakarta governor, nor gubernatorial candidate pairs,” Petrus said.

According to him, they are intentionally fooled the public by making a false political promised.

“This is a program that does not educate the public and it destroyed the political party’s mission to provide political guidelines to the public,” Petrus said.

Those kind of campaign, according to him, are poisoning the public mind and giving them a false hope.

“It is also a campaign model that actually poisons the people, as it gave the public empty hope for something the regulations clearly do not allow.” he said.

They also praised the move that made by Bank Indonesia Governor Agus Martowardojo to explain the regulation in an attempt to protect the public from the misleading information the candidates conveyed during the final gubernatorial debate before the election.

According to them, this kind of campaign is not educating and wrong.

“This is a strong blow to Anies-Sandi, as such a campaign program is not educating and establishing a culture of legal compliance. Instead, it teaches their constituents to break the law. Anies-Sandi should retract their promise and apologize to public,” Petrus said.

Anies-Sandi false promise is clearly wrong in term of legal standing and misleading the public into a false hope.

It also show that, how they are craving for the governor’s seat so much, that they are making up a false promise in their campaign in order to win the people’s vote.

This kind of political move is cancerous and giving a bad example to the public.

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